RAW Digital Training

Who are we?

We are a leading digital skills training agency and have trained over 15,000 learners from beginner to advanced, on a multitude of subjects, and from all sectors.Digital is a huge growth sector in the region and country right now. There is a huge increase in jobs and apprenticeships on everything from web design, to social media marketing and cyber security.

If you are not sure what course best fits you, we can help guide you. You are welcome to attend more than one course.  You can check our website, connect with us on Facebook www.facebook.com/rawdigitaltalent, call 01642688411 or WhatsApp +447951708714


What can we offer DurhamWorks Young People?

Our courses are perfect for young people interested in digital marketing, social media, technology, gaming, or IT. In addition our courses are really helpful for those candidates looking to have the edge on their CVs and in interviews for roles like business admin, retail and hospitality. For anyone interested in self employment, our programmes equip young people with everything they need to get going.

We have everything from 1 day to 4 day courses and deliver in every area every month - signing up to access our training is really straightforward, we are here to make your experience smooth and brilliant!

Our 4 day Digital Marketing Course gives learners all the skills they need in order to understand how businesses use social media to market themselves. Participants will learn:

  • Digital Marketing fundamentals
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business
  • Online visual design for logos and leaflets
  • Content creation fundamentals
  • Getting hired in a digital role
  • Visual CV creation
  • Applying for digital roles

Participants work on laptops during the course, fully supported by our expert trainers and will leave with a portfolio of the work they have completed. Participants are supported before, during and after the course into apprenticeships, traineeships and jobs.

Learners from the digital marketing course can move on to the Advanced Digital Marketing and Website Course. Participants will be taken to the next level in terms of skills and knowledge, as well as build their very own website from scratch! This course teaches:

  • Advanced social media for business
  • Online advertising including Facebook Ads Manager
  • Advanced content creation and calendar
  • Wordpress website creation
  • Plug ins
  • Website design
  • Ecommerce
  • Cyber issues
  • Applying for digital roles

Games Design & Development 5 day course

You will get to design and create your very own game from scratch, taught by industry experts!  If you think programming or games design might be for you, then this course is ideal. You’ll learn how the industry works here locally, as well as how to access careers in the industry, the various routes and methods to get there, and the importance of transferable skills for other tech roles.  If you would like to secure a spot on the upcoming course then please do get in touch. 

Short courses

We have a wide range of one and two day courses happening continuously in every area, these shorter courses are perfect if you would like a little digital help to really help you in finding and applying for the jobs that you want. In addition, some courses are specific to other more niche areas of digital, but where there are apprenticeships available in our region right now.

These short courses cover everything from:

  • Finding jobs online with social media
  • Social Media for Business
  • Online CV design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (getting found on Google)
  • Cyber security

Support and jobs

By joining our programme you will get tailored support from us in your job search, from guidance on careers, micro learning online, self guided learning, employer and industry insights, and tailored jobs for you to apply for.


Take a look at our video below then speak to your DurhamWorks advisor, or Get Started today.