2018 Achievement Awards

Our 2018 Achievement Awards celebrated the success of DurhamWorks over the last 12 months. Awards were given in a range of categories to recognise the achievements of our young people, employers and the DurhamWorks staff who supported them.

Achieving Through Work Award

This award celebrated the achievements of DurhamWorks young people who have developed their skills through practical work-based experience. This may be through employment, volunteering, work experience, traineeships or apprenticeships. Their experiences have helped them develop their skills and knowledge in the world of work.


Stephen overcame a number of barriers in his personal life. His nominator has said “When I first met him, he stood with his head down and spoke in a quiet voice. He was just about managing to keep going. He is still a fairly quiet person but now you see him chatting ‘a little’ and we get to see his sense of humour which is great. He's a great young person who has proven that with a little bit of support and lots of determination you get to where you want to go.”


Investing in Young People – Large Business Award

This award recognised employers with 50 or more staff who have invested in DurhamWorks young people as a means of growing their businesses. All too often it is easy to forget that larger employers provide a pivotal role within the local community, by creating opportunities for local people.


DUNLOP BTL LTD supply many of the world's most prestigious manufacturers in the automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial and motor sport sectors with bearings, transmissions and linkages.

Their nominator has said: “I feel Dunlop BTL deserve this award for the fabulous support they have given both apprentices, working with the local community and training partners, offering high level, sustainable apprenticeships in a growing sector.”


Overcoming Adversity Award

This award celebrated the achievements of young people who have overcome multiple barriers to progression, those remarkable individuals that have been able to transform their lives as a result of being involved in DurhamWorks. They have made significant progress towards securing a better future for themselves.


Rabiaa. Her nominator has said “She is a truly inspirational young lady and there is no doubt that whatever she puts her mind to, she will achieve. She has high aspirations for herself and a determination to succeed which deserves recognition.”


Inspirational Mentor Award

Nominations for this award were made by DurhamWorks young people. It recognised the hard work that the staff, volunteers, employers, trainers and mentors put into helping young people succeed in achieving their goals. Mentors can make a huge difference to young people by providing advice, support, being good role models and ultimately inspiring young people to make positive changes.


Mary, from Citizens Advice County Durham. The young people who have nominated her have said: “Her support has made me realise that I can do things. Her maternal approach empowered me to feel confident that my expectations were not unreasonable and she made me feel like I finally had someone on my side. She was so welcoming and really understood and pushed me to reveal the more confident parts of myself that I didn’t actually think I was capable of. She does not allow me to give up.”


Investing in Young People - Small Business Award

This award recognised employers with less than 50 staff who have invested in DurhamWorks young people as a means of growing their businesses. Small businesses often face many challenges and it is fantastic to see that despite this they are able to create opportunities for young people in their community.


Parkin & Denwood specialise in manufacturing bespoke kitchens and bedroom furniture. Their nominator has said: “The existing workforce underwent both shock and change when the company (that some of them had worked for for many years) went into administration. There was a period of uncertainly whilst the company was purchased by the new owner, but the recruitment of the DurhamWorks young people had a really positive impact on the rest of the workforce, giving them confidence again in the success and future growth plans of the company.”

Parkin and Denwood.jpg

Inspirational Individual Award

This award celebrated those young people who have been able to transform their lives and the lives of others as a result of their involvement in DurhamWorks. These young people have overcome multiple barriers and this award highlights the remarkable individuals whose stories of learning and development on DurhamWorks have inspired others to make positive life changes.

For this award there were two winners:


Tom. His nominator has said: “The Jack Drum Arts workshops have given him back his passion for the arts and helped to build his confidence again and use his natural creative skills to find the right future for him.”



Melissa. Her nominator has said: “She is bright and cheerful and determined. She is amazing at working out the kind of support people need - with friends and peers on the programme, members of the public and young people she volunteers to help. She is one of the most inspirational young people I have ever worked with.”


Posted in General News on May 30, 2018

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