First Point Training

Who are we?

First Point Training are based in County Durham and work across many settings including education, health, criminal justice and local communities.

We work with a range of adults and young people aged 16 and over who are facing challenges in life.

One of our Founders is an ex-offender who made changes in his life and wants to help others. We pride ourselves on having the skills and understanding to support and guide people in the right direction.

We aim to work with people to support them to make and maintain positive changes in their lives.

We focus on developing a person’s strengths, helping with coping strategies and offering on-going one-to-one support.

What can we offer DurhamWorks Young People?

Retail/Customer Service Routeway - Learner Trade 

An asset- based approach to employment…...why be a square peg in a round hole?

Using our whole system approach, we have designed a bespoke employment focused programme that is individual to the person. We recognise that one size does not fit all, and that young people will have talents, skills and interests that can be transferred into an option for employers.

Asset Based Learning 

  • It is all about YOU…… using our specially designed assessment tool we will help people to draw out their existing strengths, talents, skills, experiences that can be transferable to the workplace.
  • This will provide a direction of travel to the best employment opportunities and a map of how to get there.

Recovery & Wellbeing

  • We recognise that many of our young people have to deal with a lot in today’s world, including community and/or family pressures, social media, stressful environments, poverty and they can feel a little lost in the busy wider world.
  • We understand that external pressures can have a debilitating impact on a young persons’ ability to make decisions and choices for themselves.
  • We will work with young people to help them identify where they need support and help to overcome any barriers.

Learner Trade

  • Be prepared – we will offer practical tips and discuss the role and environment that you are choosing to work in.
  • We will help you pull together all your strengths, gifts, talents, skills, and education into a modern up to date resume for future employers.
  • We will provide work related role play situations that will be fun, interactive but informative.
  • We will support you into your chosen workplace and for whatever time you need once working to keep you on track.
  • You will have an opportunity to hear from a range of employers in this sector with taster days, work experiences etc.
  • We will be the link between the employer and the young person to ensure the step into the workplace is as smooth as possible and that good communication between the two is in place. This includes advocacy, problem solving and any negotiation that may be needed.
  • Our support will be phased out when it is the right time for the young person, and an open-door policy remains in place in case they need advice or support in the future.

Our Offer 

  • Understand you – what direction to try?
  • Positive 4 People – 4 sessions covering your wellbeing and making sure your mental health is in a good place to start work.
  • Gain a qualification in Level 2 in Customer Service.


  • Learner Trade will then match you with a relevant local employer for work experience, taster days, training or employment/Employer led career advice. Continuing support for as long as it’s needed.

Please see website for more information – Learner Trade

Take a look at our Learner Trade leaflet  


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