Bo was looking for a fresh start so signed up to DurhamWorks

Bo signed up to DurhamWorks to get a fresh start of life. Bo had language and communication barriers which she felt she needed to improve on as she was not a native speaker.

Prior to joining DurhamWorks, Bo achieved an AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting Level3 (with distinction), but was keen to apply for the role of Apprentice Business Administrator Level3 with Durham County Council.

With support from a DurhamWorks Progression Adviser, Bo was successful in securing her Apprenticeship and became a key part of the Durham County Council team.  Bo said, “It has enhanced me enormously as personal ...


Unsure of his next step, Matthew gets the support he needs to find employment

Matthew signed up to DurhamWorks when he found himself NEET (not in education, employment or training). He was unsure what he wanted to do but knew he needed help with his CV and interview skills. He registered for a course with DurhamWorks delivery partners SMARTT, but before starting was torn between the course with SMARTT and a different routeway.  Hannah, Matthews Progression worker supported him onto the SMARTT course and continued to look for work. He has now found employment and is awaiting a start date.

If you have just left school, college or University and are looking to get into emp...


Tiffany left college and no longer wanted to pursue the career she had trained for so signed up to DurhamWorks for help

After completing a Hairdressing at college Tiffany decided she no longer wanted to pursue this as a career. She was keen to find employment but was unsure where to start. Tiffany signed up to DurhamWorks with Groundwork. She engaged in one-to-one sessions with her youth coach, creating a personal action plan with clear goals, she was supported to create a CV, identifying her skills, job search, training needs, interview skills etc.

Tiffany began A Job for You Course to develop her employability skills. She attended a range of sessions including focused on personal and social development. She a...


Abigail secure Apprenticeship with Durham County Council

Abigail Peacock, 19, applied for an apprenticeship with Durham County Council to build on her skills and experience. She had struggled to find employment due to having travel and childcare issues, but the team at DurhamWorks were able to provide her with the support she needed to secure her apprenticeship.  

Abigail said, "When I signed up to DurhamWorks, I wanted to improve my confidence in terms of speaking with people and also my time management skills. I had barriers to travelling to and from work plus I have children so I had to secure childcare before I could find a role for me".



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