With DurhamWorks it's really simple to engage with potential employees. Support and funding may be available to ensure you find the ideal person for your business.

DurhamWorks Employer Grant

To kick-start your business growth

Getting enthusiastic young people working for your company couldn’t be easier.

If you are an SME Business, funding may be available through the DurhamWorks Grant. Email DWGrant@durham.gov.uk for more information or call 03000 262 930

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Training Support

Get the best out of your rising stars

Training is essential in unleashing the potential of young workers.

It speeds their development and maximises the contribution they make.

It also puts them on a trajectory towards success, fuelling enthusiasm and a commitment to their employer.

DurhamWorks supports companies through the whole process of training young people.

Our Advisors help to identify and resource training requirements. 

For more information, contact the team today on DurhamWorks@durham.gov.uk or by calling 03000 262 930

Even before a young person is appointed, we conduct initial screenings to assess key skills.

These give a clear view of the future training needs of anyone a business may choose to recruit.


Finding the perfect match for your business

DurhamWorks will identify the young talent you need to grow and succeed.

We can take the burden of searching for the right person from you.

And, thanks to our tailored approach, we have a strong track record of finding compatible matches.

Our pre-screening service helps to pinpoint suitable candidates.

Your Advisor can also support you through a successful interview process.

The young people will be primed for their interview. This means good candidates aren’t missed simply because of nerves or poor preparation.

As a result, you get a young person on board who’s keen to impress and identifies with your organisation.

Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme is available through DurhamWorks. It provides funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. Find out more here