Aged 16 to 24, living in County Durham, unemployed and looking for new opportunities? Want to get your dream career on track? 

Our partners can help.

We are a partnership programme between Durham County Council and 3 organisations working together to support young people and help them create their future.

All the organisations bring their own expertise and experience to provide a tailored service to each young person.

Join the Stepping Stones programme to get employability skills, experience and qualifications. Or if you know you are looking for a position in the health and social care sector then join the 10 week routeway.

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During your time at DurhamWorks, you’ll receive continual support from Groundwork NE. This includes advice and information, training with qualifications, job matching help, as well as residential activities and volunteering opportunities.

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Groundwork Peer Mentors can offer guidance, support, and form a positive one-to-one relationship with mentees on the DurhamWorks programme. Peer Mentors are of a similar age, share their life experience and the challenges they have faced with mentees. Support is mentee led - setting goals, what the support should look like and how often.

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Our Future Steps programme aims to engage young people who are disengaged with education or who are unemployed and also those who may have special educational needs. The programme covers confidence building and personal development, matching skills, strengths and attributes to employment. Participants will gain a recognised qualification as well as gaining life skills for employment, training and personal development.

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DurhamWorks Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Policy 2019 to 2021

DurhamWorks Sustainable Development Policy October 2019 to July 2021

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