SHAID’s staff training will benefit those fleeing Domestic Violence

DurhamWorks delivery partner SHAID have continued with staff training and development during the current COVID Pandemic to ensure that their staff are able to provide the best support possible to those who need it.

As an organisation, SHAID was witnessing high numbers of Domestic Violence clients accessing services, which led the CEO to champion staff and volunteers to undertake Diplomas in Domestic Violence to support and empower clients accessing its services.

6 members of staff and volunteers have completed their Domestic Violence Changing Services through an accredited diploma training programme with the Open College. 4 have successfully achieved a distinction on the course with another 2 yet to be awarded.

Kevin Howe, CEO of SHAID said, “We are presently supporting women fleeing domestic violence within other services we offer. But we have noticed that a lot of the young women we support within the DurhamWorks programme have suffered Domestic Violence in their short lives. Eventually I would like to build a support services around the training gained. The training was undertaken so that we have the knowledge and expertise to support clients now whatever service they are accessing”.

For anyone suffering from Domestic Violence they are able to contact the team at SHAID confidentially on Tel: 01207 238241 or visit:


Posted in DurhamWorks Participants, General News on Mar 16, 2021

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