SHAID make positive sustainable changes during the COVID pandemic.

Kevin Howe and the team at SHAIDs Main offices and other buildings they operate from, working hard behind the scenes during the COVID Pandemic to improve their sustainability as a charity.

SHAID have made plans that once lockdown restrictions have been eased they will operate from one building rather than the two which they have been running their programmes from. This will not only more efficient in terms of space used but also contributes to reducing costs incurred by the charity at a time when funds are crucial.  

Kevin Howe has said, “We are in the process of changing all lighting in the building from old strip lighting to LED lighting which is estimated to save around 80% in costs and carbon footprint after initial installation costs are recovered.”

The pandemic has provided has a number of challenges not least because SHAID have been unable to allow DurhamWorks participants into the building to receive support, however this has also provided SHAID with the opportunity to embrace technology to engage with participants in new ways and has resulted in paper usage by reduced by 90% through the use of electronic documentation and processes.

Keen to ensure everyone’s safety once they are able to return to face to face delivery, SHAID will have hand cleaning dispensers throughout the building which will continue to be used to save on water costs. They have also introduced mobile wash units which participants can use and again this will save on waster and waste.

The team at SHAID continue to work hard to reduce their carbon footprint and deliver their provision in a sustainable way.

Posted in General News, Professionals News on Oct 22, 2021

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