Groundwork DurhamWorks team step up the challenge during isolation

Durhamworks Delivery Partner Groundwork has come up with a fantastic way to keep both young people and staff motivated during isolation. The staff first set up a Health, Fitness and Happiness group on Facebook.

Kirstie MacTaggart, a youth coach at Groundwork said “When it comes to good health, it makes no difference if you are our clients, youth coaches, managers or somewhere in-between. We're all in this together. We ALL need motivation at times, we ALL need positivity and we ALL need to take care of our mental health.”

On the page, they share daily workouts, healthy recipes, cookery videos, tried and tested stress-relieving methods or just if you’re having a particularly bad day and need someone to talk to.  

Kirstie said, “At the moment, we don't have that big event, beach holiday or sporting event to keep us motivated so we have become each other’s motivation, making sure we stay on track for our goals.”

The real beauty of the page is that people that may never have met one another, are supporting, encouraging and motivating each other in a way that has never been experienced before. Each member contributes in different ways. In the month alone, they have had over 2.5k posts, comments and reactions.

The group decided to use the fantastic momentum and engagement within the group for the greater good and have begun a challenge to walk/run/cycle/skip their way along a combined 260 miles within the month of May.

Kirstie said, “This originally began as a challenge for our staff, however, our clients soon wanted to get involved and it quickly became a head-to-head challenge – Staff Vs Clients to reach the 260 miles.”

Paige a DurhamWorks participant said “The 260-mile project has provided a goal for many of us during isolation. The isolation has made it difficult to maintain momentum and motivation however when you throw a friendly competition into the mix, it’s bound to give people a drive to get out of bed, out of our PJ’s and off the beaten track - all whilst raising money for a beautiful cause. A perfect reminder that whilst Covid-19 brings the world to a standstill, other illnesses continue to affect families around the globe.”

The group are doing this challenge to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care - a Charity very close to their hearts in memory of a much-loved friend and colleague, Alison Kirk. Alison had a long and hard battle with Metastatic breast cancer but after a 3-year fight, in which she surprised and amazed doctors and specialists, she sadly lost her battle 2 years ago.

Kirstie said, “Alison’s heart was forever with the young people and she would have absolutely loved to see the participation, motivation and engagement that this challenge is bringing to our clients and indeed her staff.”

Alison was supported throughout her journey by Macmillan nurses and spoke highly of the support that she and her family were given throughout. After she passed away, they were amazing with Alison's family, offering so much support and counselling. The Groundwork team are trying to raise as much money as possible to enable more people to be supported in the way Alison and her family were.

As of 19.05.20 - staff have eventually overtaken their clients by adding an impressive 148.1 miles to the clock this week! Clients added a very respectable 112.4 miles meaning the total now stands at - Staff - 259.6 miles Vs. Clients - 228.9!

Keep up the good work everyone and we wish you all the luck!

Please if you can, donate to such an amazing cause - every penny is truly appreciated and goes such a long way.

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