Byron "Kickstart" success

When Byron left University in 2018 and was looking for a job in programming. After struggling to find employment in this sector, Byron wasn’t sure what other roles to look for. Also not having any work experience was a barrier to Byron so signed up to Universal Credit.  After completing a life skills and employability course with Acuman Byron was then referred into DurhamWorks in 2019 to get further support into securing employment. Following on from her passion for programming, Byron was then referred into DurhamWorks Delivery Partner, RAW Digital. After working with RAW Digital he applied for a number of jobs and even secured a interview for a role, but was unsuccessful.

After discussing Kickstart opportunities with his job coach they found a Database Admin job at Durham School. Byron said,” By doing Kickstart I thought this would give me the opportunity to do something outside of IT programming, but still related to IT. It was appealing to me because it’s kind of like doing an Apprenticeship in that you get work experience and learn something new, whilst having additional support from a mentor that you wouldn’t get in normal employment. This was ideal for me to gain some work experience, develop my confidence in the workplace and have something to put on my CV.”

After securing the Durham School Database Admin role, Byron was able to use his IT skills and knowledge in his new role, which in turn improved his confidence. Byron had never considered a role in Admin, but the opportunity provided him with valuable work experience plus the opportunity to apply for an Apprenticeship with the school at the end of his placement.

Byron said, “I am now into my 3rd month of being employed at the school (9 months including KS) and I am definitely more confident about being in the workplace, being around people and having responsibility. As part of my Apprenticeship, I have had to speak to people all around the school, such as finance and HR, to learn about different roles in the organisation and how they administer different things. Everyone has been really helpful, and they are all really nice people.”

“I think Kickstart has helped me to decide what I want to do as a career. After years of not knowing what I wanted to do. I would really like to keep working in Business Admin, preferably with data management. I am hoping to stay on at the school when I complete my apprenticeship and work here full time. I might consider something like finance in the future. Now I know I will have more qualifications and experience to apply for future roles.”

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