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 Read how Chloe landed her role as Recruitment Business Admin Apprentice at Bishop Auckland Hospital

Chloe has been on the DurhamWorks programme for just over a year and had overcome challenges throughout her life prior to DurhamWorks, and whilst being on the programme.

Living independently as a young person, she faced social isolation and economic difficulties. These have been a challenge to Chloe whilst on the programme. Initially Chloe found work at Bargain Buys with the support provided through DurhamWorks but would have struggled with costs – clothing and travel without the programme. Due to travel distance and health, the programme supported Chloe to find work closer to home and less physical through a Business Admin Apprenticeship, but unfortunately this apprenticeship came to an end.  

Steph West Chloe’s youth coach said “This was a huge blow to Chloe’s confidence, and self-belief. Through support from us she sought out counselling to help with some of these issues.”

Taking Chloe to weekly counselling sessions would not have been possible without the programme, which may have prevented her from seeking help to support her mental health and health anxiety.

Steph said, “With support from the programme and counsellor she has developed her own skills to support herself, leading to her being discharged.”

Chloe was keen to move forward and find another Business Admin Apprenticeship, to further develop her work skills in a live environment, in a career the programme helped her to realise she loved.

Steph said “We spent time with Chloe, researching opportunities and organisations. Chloe’s heart was set on working for the NHS, due to the experience of caring and nursing her mum, but also her love for BBC’s Casualty!”

Chloe went on to apply for the role of Recruitment Business Admin Apprentice at Bishop Auckland Hospital. With support from the programme she put in a lot of prep for the interview and received great feedback and was successful. A month into the role and the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Chloe has continued to work throughout the pandemic, where she has seen a dramatic increase in workload due to being in recruitment for the NHS.

Steph said “She continues to maintain a positive outlook and thoroughly enjoys her job. Chloe should be extremely proud of all her achievements, especially through the challenges she has faced. She is a lovely young lady, who I don’t believe realises how far she’s come.”

Well done Chloe and we wish you the best of luck in your new career!

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Posted in General News on Jun 24, 2020

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