Intensive Support Programme
Location: On-line via Google Meeting and Google Classroom
Qualification: None

This programme is for young people aged 18+, recently unemployed, who need a bit of intensive support to help them prepare for and get closer to or back into employment. It's also a great preparation for doing a Kickstart placement, covering all aspects of employability. It can help build the confidence and skills needed to compete in todays challenging work market. The three week training is followed by a 13 week period of on-going support to help put learning into practice whilst applying for jobs. Participants must have a suitable internet enabled device in order to access this training and must be registered with DurhamWorks. They must attend a brief Induction session on Wednesday 19th May. For more information call Eve or text 'ISP please' to 07876 346 047. ________________________________________

The Intensive Support Programme is delivered by our experienced team of Employability Trainers.

Participants will develop the skills to create for themselves a stand out CV, recognise their skills and qualities and be able to match them to suitable job vacancies. They will become familiar with using on-line learning platforms (Google Meet and Classroom)and learn how to effectively job search and promote themselves using social media(Facebook and Linked In). They will learn out to prepare for, and perform well in interviews. Each participant will have a mock interview and receive constructive feedback.

Those who participated in previous programmes told us that their confidence level was higher and they had gained vital new skills. What they told us:

"I learned a lot and am now more confident of securing employment for myself"

" An enjoyable course, I felt welcome and included"

"I've learned how to flip a negative about myself into a positive"

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Delivery Partner:
Citizens Advice County Durham

Course Type:

Monday 24th May 2021

Thursday 10th June 2021

Duration (weeks):

Duration (hours):
48 hours

Times / Days:
Monday to Thursday 10am-12 and 1pm-3pm



Lunch provided?: No

Has bursary?: No

Earns money: No

Equipment Supplied?: No

Has breaks?: No

Travel paid?: No