Tech levels are available in 75 different work areas, for example production arts, mechanical engineering, accounting, legal services, painting and decorating, plumbing, vehicle maintenance, sport and active leisure, travel and tourism, animal care, etc.

Tech levels are graded distinction*, distinction, merit, and pass for most qualifications. They are available in different sizes which are dependent on the guided learning hours (GLH). For example:

Tech levels

Tech levels give students an opportunity to develop specialist knowledge and skills to help them get an apprenticeship or job, for example in engineering, IT, accounting or professional cookery, or progress to a higher level qualification. In some cases, a tech level qualification is a ‘licence to practice’ or can exempt someone holding the qualification from a professional exam.

Tech levels may be offered by BTEC, City and Guilds, etc.

What can I do after tech levels?

Tech levels are designed to prepare people for work so most people doing one of these qualifications will be looking for work in the same sector. For example, if you have taken a tech level in animal care you might be looking for work in a pet shop, kennels or vets surgery; if you have done a tech level in early years educator you might be looking for work in a nursery or primary school.

You could also apply to university as tech qualifications carry UCAS points for entry. When you apply to university each grade is worth a number of UCAS tariff points. These are the way that universities decide whether to offer places to students, they may ask an applicant to achieve:

  • grades such as ABB or distinction, merit, merit
  • a numeric total such as 200 UCAS points
  • a combination such as 280 UCAS points with at least a distinction in the subject you want to study

UCAS are changing the tariff for 2017 entry an example is below but the same type of qualification in different subject may have different tariff points so you need to check the tariff for your qualification.

Example BTEC for 2017 entry

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