Your school or college may have a careers adviser working in the school to provide careers-focused interviews, or set up a contract with an independent person or organisation to provide these on behalf of the school.

If you are 16 to 24 years old and have left school, college or a job and aren't currently in education, employment or training then support is available.

To help you understand where to get support and the different types of support available click on the links below. 

DurhamWorks is a countywide project with qualified staff who support young people aged 15-24 who live in County Durham.

You can be referred to an adviser in DurhamWorks if you have left secondary school and are not involved in any employment, education or training. They provide support which can continue whilst you are looking for opportunities or doing personal development activities to develop your knowledge and skills, right up to the point where you are settled in a full-time course or job and no longer need their support. This is called your ‘learner journey’.

Advisers  are based across the county in a number of accessible locations and you can arrange to meet someone close to your home.

Each area has advisers who work with young people who may need additional support in their learner journey and progression. There are also specialists who can work with young people with additional needs.

When you work with an adviser they may:

  • Talk to you about your career ideas
  • Help you make plans to make things easier
  • Refer you to, or take you to visit, opportunity providers who can help you achieve your goals
  • Help with practical things such as opening a bank account, helping you get confident using public transport, etc.
  • Support you whilst you are on a learning programme or training to help you plan for what you will do next.

A SEND Caseworker works with young people who attend a special school or who have special educational needs or disabilities and attend mainstream school. They work with young people who have special needs which are supported by an Education Health and Care Plan.

If you have special needs or disabilities, you will be allocated a SEND Caseworker by the council to help you prepare for the transition at the end of statutory education. They do this by developing an Education, Health and Care Plan to set out the sort of support that they will need to be successful at the next stage in their learning.

They should be impartial, looking at all options that are available for you and helping you to choose the one that would suit you.

They may:

  • Interview you one-to-one or with your parents.
  • Help you look at possible next steps.
  • Help you complete ‘My Story’ which sets out your views.
  • Talk to learning providers about what they offer and tailor it to your needs.
  • Consider other things that you might need help with such as transport or equipment.

For more information check out the County Durham Local Offer

There is also support available from a number of other organisations who we work closely with, including:

  • Bishop Auckland College Careers Service: telephone 01388 443 000
  • Derwentside College Careers Advice: telephone 01207 585 900
  • East Durham College Careers Advice Service: telephone 0191 518 8282
  • New College Durham Advice Support and Careers: 0191 375 4400
  • The National Careers Service: visit the National Careers Service website

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