NE First Credit Union

NE First Credit Union is expanding quickly. With its membership applications rising month on month, they needed extra people-power to keep up with demand. DurhamWorks helped them with funding to employ a new Business Administration Apprentice.

Credit unions provide straightforward and secure savings accounts and loans for their members. The money they hold is lent out to members at a lower interest rate than other loan providers and this affordable method of borrowing is becoming more and more popular. The number of new members joining NE First Credit Union each month has risen from 150 to 500 and their existing paid staff and volunteers were struggling to keep up with demand.

Employing apprentices was a perfect way for NE First Credit Union to access affordable staff whilst also giving back to the community by hiring young people and boosting the local economy.

DurhamWorks partner, Foundation of Light, helped NE First Credit Union to hire four apprentices across the North East, including 24 year old Robyn in County Durham. NE First Credit Union’s, Acting General Manager, Joanne Angus completed the application for DurhamWorks funding, with advice from Foundation of Light’s Linda Hughes, and the cash they received is now being used to cover part of Robyn’s wages.

Staff at NE Credit Union had some reservations about hiring an apprentice and were concerned that they might not be reliable or would need a lot of support, but Joanne told us “I was surprised by the quality of the apprenticeship candidates. I’d definitely recommend hiring through DurhamWorks to other businesses. Robyn is exactly what we needed. She’s integrated really well into the team and hit the ground running. Within just 2 weeks of starting was dealing with our more complicated procedures such as completing money laundering checks.”

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Posted in Employer News on Dec 13, 2017

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