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Durham County Carers Support

Date Posted: Aug 09, 2017

DurhamWorks supports growing charity to develop and expand with two new apprentices.


Unemployed young people given fresh start

Date Posted: Aug 03, 2017

Young unemployed County Durham residents are being given ground-breaking new opportunities through the DurhamWorks Programme.



Date Posted: Jul 14, 2017

New DurhamWorks employee supports the development of a dedicated help desk team at DFP Services.



Date Posted: Jul 13, 2017

Local business teams up with DurhamWorks to run tours for young people, giving them the opportunity to experience the work environment.


Routeway to employment

Date Posted: Jun 30, 2017

Aged 18+, live in County Durham, need a job? Look no further.


Two new recruits for expanding business

Date Posted: Jun 27, 2017

KF Training recently expanded to new premises and developed a digital division. DurhamWorks have since supported the successful placement of two young people who are a loving their new jobs. "If you’re thinking about taking on a young person through DurhamWorks, do it." Michael Ditchburn, Head of the Digital Learning Team at KF Training


Jemma’s Story

Date Posted: May 12, 2017

Jemma, 19, was encouraged to contact DurhamWorks by the Jobcentre. Since leaving university, Jemma had applied for lots of jobs but still found herself unemployed. She enjoyed working with social media and baking was her favourite hobby so when DurhamWorks helped her take up an apprenticeship at a rising cake making business, The Cake Lady in Horden, she was delighted. Using her existing skills she developed a new website and managed the social media as well as improving her baking, customer service and multi-tasking skills which has given her all sorts of future employment possibilities. Her...


The ingredients for success

Date Posted: May 12, 2017

Here at DurhamWorks we love a nice cake to go with our cuppa so we were delighted to visit Natalie the Cake Lady in Horden, to find out how her business has benefited from taking on a DurhamWorks apprentice.To find out more read on...


Dog salon celebrates recruitment

Date Posted: Apr 24, 2017

DurhamWorks supports another local business to recruit a young person, with £5000 of grants secured to support the opportunity.


Creating a brighter future for two young people

Date Posted: Apr 06, 2017

DurhamWorks have successfully placed two young people with a growing LED lighting specialists based in Peterlee. Find out how DurhamWorks funding has made this possible.